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Why do I keep reading that there’s a lack of YA historical fiction?

Maybe, since historical fiction and fantasy are the two genres I read most often, I’ve got blinders on; but out of curiosity, I went through my Goodreads shelves–to-read and already-read–and tallied up the YA historical fiction I found there.

I made sure not to count any book that could also be categorized as fantasy, paranormal, or science fiction in some regard. I’m not that much of a purist myself (there are still plenty of historical elements in those books, too!) but I did it for the sake of argument.

In all, I counted 84 books from my already-read pile and another 14 from my to-be-read pile.

That’s not counting some of the books I have read but haven’t ever added to my GR account (a smattering of Ann Rinaldi novels, some Dear Americas and Royal Diaries) or books I know to exist but haven’t read or have voluntarily passed on (yet more Dear America/Royal Diaries books, for instance, plus the whole “My Name is America” series, male characters’ equivalent of Dear America, and very popular books like Tarnish and Gilt).

So I’m at a loss, dear readers. Little old me, not the world’s most prolific reader by any means, still ended up with 98 YA historical fiction books from just two sources–not including anything with even light fantasy elements.

So is the “lack of YA historical fiction” claim really about a lack of good YA historical fiction? Am I just wrong?



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