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Review: Ungrateful Daughters

Review: Ungrateful Daughters

Title: Ungrateful Daughters: The Stuart Princesses Who Stole Their Father’s Crown
Author: Maureen Waller
Published: 2002
Length: 455 pages (includes image plates, notes, bibliography, and index)

My star rating: ★ ★ ★ ½

In the summer of 1688, the queen of England finally bears her husband James II a healthy, legitimate son and heir. The newborn Prince of Wales is named James Francis Edward, but instead of being cause for celebration, his birth arouses suspicion, conspiracy theories–and treason. James II and his wife, Mary Beatrice, are unapologetic Catholics, something that inspires fear and loathing among many of his subjects. While ugly rumors of about the baby prince’s legitimacy and  identity swirl, fueled in part by James’ own adult daughter Anne, a small group of noblemen come together to do the unthinkable: offer the already-occupied throne to James’ other daughter Mary and her husband, William Prince of Orange, as a means of chasing Catholicism out of England once and for all.

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