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Review: House Broken

Review: House Broken

Title: House Broken
Author: Sonja Yoerg
Published: 2015
Length: 325 pages

My star rating: ★ ★ ★ ★

After her mother is badly injured in a drunk-driving accident, Geneva Novak reluctantly take her in while she recovers. Geneva resents her mother’s irresponsible behavior as well as her attitude towards her and tries to sober her up, but Helen is relentless in her pursuit of the numbing powers of alcohol. Her most painful memories have nothing to do with the car wreck, however, but rather with her unhappy marriage and secrets that she’s kept–and drowned in liquor–for decades. Her presence in the Novak household threatens to upend both Geneva’s childhood memories and her entire family in ways that none of them could have ever anticipated.

Note: this review is mostly spoiler-free. I’ve included some spoilers in my Goodreads review.

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