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Review: Beauty of the Broken

Review: Beauty of the Broken

Title: Beauty of the Broken
Author: Tawni Waters
Published: 2014
Length: 359 pages

My star rating: ★ ★ ¾

In Mara Stonebrook’s rural and extremely conservative-Christian New Mexico town, being different is frowned upon, but being anything other than straight is downright dangerous–especially in the eyes of her bigoted drunk of a father. Mara has watched him beat her older brother Iggy all her life, and she knows her passive alcoholic mother wouldn’t step in if he found out that she’s interested in girls instead of boys. Yet not long after one of his beatings leaves her brother with permanent brain damage, Mara finds herself unable to resist the charms of Xylia, a transfer student from San Francisco. Her friendship with Xylia eventually turns romantic and provides her with inspiration and hope in an otherwise unhappy life–but at what cost?

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